Match Me - Results

You have been matched to a facility based on your preference. Thank you for supporting our community of healthcare providers and caregivers! After you donate your masks, please add to the TALLY so we can update how many masks were delivered to the facility. 

If you are not seeing a match below or the match is not the right fit, please contact for another match.


  1. Please click the “+” on the left side of the table to learn more details about the facility you are supporting. This will include patterns and delivery instructions, if any. If the facility does not have a pattern request, you can visit our PATTERNS page to review frequently used ones.
  2. Facility status:
    • Verified – facility has made a public request for handmade masks or has been contacted and verified by volunteers
    • Unverified – facility has submitted a request but our volunteers have not contacted them yet
  3. Due to the large number of facilities that are requesting, it will take extra time for our small group of volunteers to verify the facilities. If you have been matched to an unverified facility, please contact them in advance to confirm the details.
  4. Please note that you do not have to sew all of the masks requested by the facility. We will try our best to match several volunteers to the same facility for large requests.
  5. If you selected “Local” preference but we currently do not have a facility in need for your state, you have been matched to a “Hardest Hit” location.
  6. After you have delivered your donation, please add your numbers to the TALLY so that we can have the most updated counts for that facility. We’d like to include all of your hard work in the tally!