3D Printing Files and Instructions

Prusa 3D

  • Commonly requested by hospitals
  • Includes a blog post about the shields and materials used
  • Includes a video on the shields are made
  • Includes an assembly guide video

3DVerkstan Facial Shield

  • Simple shield, quick to make
  • Includes what materials are used and can be used
  • Includes the directions on how to create the mask
  • Includes assembly instructions

3D Face Shield- National Institutes of Health​

  • Website contains many different varieties of patterns that can be 3D printed 
  • Has been reviewed for clinical use

3D Printing Nerd

  • Includes a how-to video
  • Includes complete list of items used and links to purchase them

3D Printing Nerd-Manta Ray Face Shield V6 (Prusa + 3DVerkstan remix)

  • Includes directions on how to assemble
  • Includes three different versions of the face shield 
  • Includes the pattern on how to create it

DtM-v3.1 Face Shield PPE, 3D printable headband

  • Includes instructions on how to be created
  • Includes assembly instructions
  • Includes build time

Mouse Ear Saver Skeleton

  • Includes a pattern 
  • Includes dimensions for the pattern

BVM Anesthesia Mask Adapter- Two Designs

  • Includes two different designs 
  • Includes printer settings
  • Includes a instructional youtube video for design 1