We’ve tallied up the donations. Look what we accomplished together! 

Items Donated


Facilities Benefited


States Impacted


* Facilities benefited count includes facilities on our need list only. If you are from a facility that is in need of PPE or handmade items, please complete this REQUEST form.

Facilities in Need

Facility status:

  • VERIFIED / TRUSTED (RED in map): These facilities have made public requests for handmade masks or have been contacted and verified by volunteers to accept them.
  • UNVERIFIED (GRAY in map): These facilities have submitted requests and are pending verification by our volunteers. PLEASE CALL FACILITY TO CONFIRM DONATION DETAILS BEFORE DONATING.
  • FULFILLED (GREEN in map): These facilities have indicated that their needs have been met.  No new donations are requested at this time.  Thank you!

DONORS & TEAMS: 25, -, ?, ??, ???, ., @sewn_by_sisters | Julianna DiLeo, *, #Derick the Defeater, #MaskUp, #Nowaybandana, #Shandom8, 0livia, 10,000MasksforOklahima, 100 million mask challenge, 1000 Masks for Susie’s 60th birthday, 13356 FTC RoboForce, 3D printed Face Shields for Cincinnati – Amanda Cullen, 3D Printed PPE in Cincinnati – Amanda, 3TSOURCINGLLC #1Mask1Life, 405 Mask Makers / 10,000 Masks for Oklahoma, 405 maskers, 405MaskMakers, A Chance to Cure, A Chance To Cure, A. Near, AAllen, ADK MK, Adrianne H, AEO BS, Ag Boosters, Aggie, Aida Aponte-Gaupp, Aimee, Aimee Daly, Alabama PPE Drive, Alaska, Alaska Mask Makers, Alejandra Katrina, Alexandria, Ali Ritter, Alicia, Alicia Leggett Sanford, Alison, all, Allison Lee, Allyson Hensley, Altrusa International of Tidewater, Amanda, Amanda C, Amanda Cullen, Amber, Ambreen, Americans fighting Covid19, AMJ, AMJ8, Amy Bullis, Amy Knight/GA, Amy Nolen, Anchor Barn Designs, Angel gowns by diane, Angie, AngieR, AngieR-NE, Anissa, Ann, Ann Naftel, Anna Martin, Anna’s Team, Annas team, Annas Team, Anne, Anne and Greg, Anne Vainer, Anonymous, ANS, April Little, Arkansas and Mississippi free mask project, Arkansas Chapter, ArtBunny, Artists Resource Mobilization, Ashleigh, Ashley, Ashley Huggett, Ashley Markham, Ashley Nicole, Ashley P, Ashton Lerat, Audra Hango, Aunt BJ, Auntie Sew Squad, Auntie Sewing Squad, Aunttee, Austin TX, AZCollier, Baby William, Bailey, Bamagirl, Barb K, barbie chatter, Barbie Chatter, Barrys, Bauer gifts, BDH, Bea Pea, Beabea, Beach Biscuit, BeaPea, Beasley/Barrios, Bebe, Becca, BeccaAnn, Becky, Becky Thill, BeckyC, BeckyC WI, Beetrice Hive, BeingPeachy, Belinda, Bengle, Berkeley Heights Mask Volunteers, Beth, Bets, Betsy, Betsy may, Betsy May, Betsy. 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Smith, CA, California, California Unit, Called2Teach, Called2Teach.org, Camille Beckwith, Candace, Candee, Canton, Ga, Capstone, CAREMasks, Carla, Carla Ezell, Carlee, Carly Ann, caro, Carol, carol, Carol & Shelley, www.myqbot.com, Carol Grape, Carol Howard, Carol Howard/get PPE, Carol Howard/getppe, Carol Lou, CarolAnne, CarolAnne/SFNP, Carolina Colours Masketeers, CarolinaWren, Caroline Dees, Carry It, Cas, Casey follis, Cassandra, Cat, Cat Watcher, Catherine, Cathi / Mask Makers Unite, cathijo, Cathy, Cathy H, Cathy Halter, Cats Dreaming Team, CBTaylor, CBTAYLOR, CCA Studio Staff, CDH-NICU, Cecilia, Centaur Alumni, Charlie, Charlotte, Charlotte Wescott, CHARS TEAM, Chelle J, Cheri, CHERI, Cheri Caring For Animals, Cheri F, Cheri Miller, Cherie, Cherryl Crite, Cheryl Ann, Cheryl Glandon, Cheryls team, Cheyenne, Children, Children Designs, ChildServe, Chris, chris, Chrisaaaay, Chrissy, Christel Gray, Christina, Christina Michelle, Christina S, Christina Sutrov, Christine, Chuck and Diane Murphy, Cindi, Cindi Grobelny, Cindy, cindy ng, Cindy Peng, CJW, CJWhite, Claudia, claudia creel, Cld, Cleveland County Stitchin’ Sisters, CO, Cohuttacate, Colorado crafters for a cause, Colorado Crafting For A Cause, Colorado mama, Columbia county concerned citizens, Connie, Connie White, Cooking girls, Coolnpeachy, Cori Johnson, Corona Masks, CoronaMasks, Covid 19 Mask Project, Covid Fairies, Covid-19 3D Print, COVID-19 Healthcare Mask Collaboration – South OC, Cowgirl 14, CP, CPT, Crafters against Covid-19 Oregon, Crafters against Covid-19 Oregon Multnomah County, Crafters Against Covid-19 Seattle, Crafting Change, Crafting Grammy, Crafting Granny, Crafting granny, Crafty Granny, Crafty granny, Creating masks for area hospitals, Creating Masks for Healthcare Workers, Creating Masks for Healthcare workers, Creating masks for healthcare workers, Creating masks for Healthcare Workers, Creating masks of healthcare, CreativeQuiltsNMore, Cricket, Cristina, Crypsis, CustomCare, CW, Cygnet7, Cynthia, Cynthia Bullis, Cynthia First, Cynthia Joy Photography, Cynthia Silva / Mito Gurrola, D, D nielsen, D. Cassell, D. Cassell 45, D. Jackman, D'nice, Daisy K Designs, Dana, Dana Curry, Dana Harrell, Danasaur, Danita, Darla, Dawn, Dawn Carlson, Dawn Green, Dawn Loomis, Dawn Walker, Day Of Service Sewers, Day of Service Sewers, Days for Girls Littleton Chapter Masks4Millions Campaign, Days for Girls Rocklin CA, Masks 4 Millions, Days for Girls Roseville, DC, De, Deb, Deb Nielsen, Deb Scott, Debbie, Debbie Brown, Debbie Masley, Debbie Sprague, Debra Pekin, Dee, DeeDee/Sew Inspired, Dekalb Quilt Guild and Illinois Valley Mask initiative, Dena’s mask army, Denise, Denise Barile Witenko, Denise Hall, Denison, Texas, Denver, DENVER MASK TASK FORCE, DeSantis, Design by Donation, Designed By Us Design Coprs, Designs by Leanne, Diana, Diane BC, Diane Hancock, diane hancock, Diane Muchow, Diane Swanson, DianeBC, Dianne, Dinkiebug, Dino, DJ, dj, DK, DM, Dnice, Do what you can., Don Tieri, Don't have one, Dona, Donald Laird for Making a Difference Sonoma County, donated to Trader Joe's, DonatePPE.org, Done By Betty Boop, Donna, Donna Blair, Donna Furnari, Donors, Doris, Dorothy, Dr Holly Bee, Dr. Holly Bee, Draxie, Drott, DTermined, Duckies Darlings, E. Braslow, E. Kong, EAB, Earl’s Girls, EBPND, ebpnd, EBTB, ECU School of Dental Medicine, ECU School of Dental Medicine volunteers, Edgewood RI, Edie, EileenRN, EL, Eleanor, Elisa, Elisabeth, Elizabeth, Elizabeth Baldwin, Elva’s elves, Em, Emily Chang, EMU Engage, eowynlovesfiber, Episcopal Diocese of New York, Erin, Erin Faatz, Es, Evangeline, Fabric Ninja, Fabric of Time, Face Masks by Quilters, facebook gorup, facebook group, Falcon team, Family, Family effort, Family Effort, Farm 12, Fashion Girls for Humanity, Felicia, Felicia Axter, Felicia B, Felicia Baxter, Finish the scrub cap tally team, Firemen, FIRST Robotics Mentor, Flor Gulleban-Willis/Bayanihan Group, Flor Willis/Bayanihan Group, Flor Willis/Bayanihan Group of Houston, Flor Willis/Clear Lake Bayanihan Group of Houston, Florida Facemask Warriors, Florida Mask Makers, Florida Sewists, Florina, Flyingleap, Foley, Folsom Mask Makers, Fouad, Frances, Francisca Maturana, Frankie Jo, Free Cloth Face Masks by Crazed Creationz Cloth, Frey, Friends and Family, Friends of the Elderly, Vetarans, Disabled, Friends of the Elderly, Veterans, and Disabled, Friends of the Elderly, Veterans, Disabled, Friends, coworkers, Frl9746, FRl9746, FTC 13356 RoboForce, ftc13356@gmail.com, G Carroll, G. Angel, G. 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Wright/S. Gordon/T. Ladrach, J. Zeigler, J's team, Jackie, JACKLYN, Jacquie, Jahnae Mazikowski (self), Jalana, Jamie, Jan, Jan Fleming, Jan Rainey, Jan’s Blessing, Jan’s Blessing, Jan's Blessing, Jane Blevins, Jane Doe Collective Styling, JanesDiningroomTable, Janet, Janet Richey, JanetN-PA, JanisR, JanMinCA, JanMinSD, Janna's Mask Challange, Jans blessings, Jayme, Jayne, Jayne’s Masks for Swim Officials, JB, JCCY, JCCY +, JCCY+, Jean, Jeanne Miller's Masks USA, Jeannie, JeanP, Jen, Jenica Jones, Jenicaviolet, jenna momsen, JennDTX, Jennifer/Kelly, Jennifer's mask, JenniferN, Jere, Jess, Jess Tindall, Jessica, Jessica and James, Jessica Bosworth, Jesthers, JG, jg, Jill’s, Jin Family, Jj, Jlrowswell or Pipcreates, JLS, jmiller81, JMR, Jo, Jo’s caps, joann, Joann DeMarco, Joanna & Cheryl, Joanne, JoAnne, Jobs Daughters, Bethel #5, Las Vegas, NV, Jocelyn, Jodie Bailey—-myself no team, Jody, JOHN, Johoke, Joie and Cher, JoJo, Jonell, Josie, Joy Russell, Jrcm, Judi, Judy, Judy C, Judy’s, Julie, June and Matt Marconi, JungleProphet, Just Joan, just me, Just me, Just Me, Just me and Tina, Just myself, Just wanted to help, Justme, JW, K, K Fechner, K. 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Pepper, Ladies Aid Society, Ladies sewing masks, Ladybug Quilters, LAG, Lake County Mask Creators, Lake County Masketeers, Lana, Landway, Lanie Crawford, Laura, LAURA, Laura 4400668576780128 Todd, Laura Clower, Laura Coste, Laura D Todd, Laura P, Laura Todd, Laura!, Laurel D’Arrigo, Lauren Niles, Laurie & Donna, LazerWerk, LDS, LDS S Meridian Stake, LDS tuscany, lea, Lee, Leigh Ann Kane, Leigh Barrett, Lesley &DaveUrasky, Leslie, Leslie Murray, Lewis/kok, Lhbikos, Liesl, Life park church, Lin, Lincoln league of mask Makers, Lincoln League of Mask Makers, Linda, Linda Kravitz, Linda Saniski, Linda Stricker, Linda V, Linda Weimer, Lindalin, LindaLu, Lindy, Line of Selvage, Linked by Love, Lionhearts, Lionhearts Fitness, Lisa, Lisa M, Lissette Vancil, Livadia, Liz, Lizlaz., Lizzie L., LJ, LMcG, LMRow, lololl, Loose Ends–Waterford, WI Library Group, Loose Ends-Waterford Public Library, Wisconsin, Lore, Lori, Lori C., Lori Jo, Lorrie S, LouD, Louisiana, Love Always Nonna, Love Always Nonna _ This facility did not want any face masks., Loving Stitches OLA, LPF, LSO, Lso, Lucky Guy Printing, Lura, Luther Park, Luttrell, Luz, Lynette, Lynn, Lynne, M, M. Masters, M. Torres/J. 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Just me, None, none, NONE, None acted individually, Norah, Normadoo, North Alabama Mask Makers, North Oc, North Sound Church Piecemakers, North Texas Mask Makers, Northern Virginia, northwing, Not part of any group, Not sure…, Notyme2sew, Npne, Nrsngnikki, Ns, Nuevo Masketeers, Nurun, Ok, La, Tx, Ok/tx, la million mask challenge, Olathe masks, Olathe sewer, Olivia, Oma Pris' Masks, Oma's, One and Done, One Mask at a Time, Operation “Be the Halper”, Operation: Face Mask, Washington County, Origamei, Origamei LLC, Origamei Team, Orlando Face Mask Strong, Orlando Million Masks, OShop for the Arts, other, Other, Owl & Drum, PA, Pa, PA Bennett, PAB, Paige, Paisley Butterfly 13, Pam, Pam Tichy, Pambi, Pamela, Pamela Mansueto, Pat, Pat L, Pat Lorna, Pat Luttrell, Pat luttrell, Pat luttrell Lorna Stelmar, Pat&Jen, Patti, Patty, Patty's Masks, Paula McL, Peabody, Peg, Peggy, penne, Penny’s Masks Long Beach, People Powered Protection, Personal, personal, Petra, Pho Mazing Team, Phyllis, Pickleball ‘n’ Masks, Pins and needles, Pins and Needles, PIrate masqe-raiders, Pirate masque-raiders, Pirate Masque-raiders, PIrate Masque-Raiders, Pirate Masque-Raiders, Pisch, Pittsfield Village, PJ, pjschiller, PK Yonge High School Robotics Team, pkw, Plumas Lake Masketeers, pm, pmm, PO, Pose Piggi Toes, Ppe posse, PPE posse, PPE Posse, Project Face Masks, Project Linus, Project Linus Frederick county MD chapter, Project protect ICT, Projects Masks, PucinaMoon, Queen Joy, QueenBee, Quilt Guild of Greater Houston, Quilter, Quilterlou, Quilters Night Out, Quilting 4 Comfort, R kodner, R.I. cares, R&D, Race Against Time, Rachel, Rainbows Within Reach, Randi, Rasca, Rascal aka Angela, Rascal Maytag, Rascal Maytag/ Rowlett Masketeers, Raynell Byrd, rcpeters, reardon, RebeccaV, Ree, Renee Shaeffer, Renee Shaeffer Designs, Renu Kumar, Rhonda, Ricky, Riley Center, Ripple in the Water, Rita, River Valley, River valley, Roaring Riptide HS Robotics Team, Robert and Lori, Robin, Robin Coffman, Robin E, RoboForce, RoboForce 13356, RoboForce FTC, RoboForce FTC Team, Robyn, Robyn Peters / Nhat-Tieu O’Brien, Rock of Ages LCMS Quilting ladies, Rocketman, Rodpack, Rollyhog, Roof, Rose Hep, Rosemary Connolly, Rosie, Rosie’s got masks, Rowdy, Roxy, Ruth, Ruth Gingrich, Ruth Sinclair, Ruth's sewing friends, RuthS, S, S Kelley, S. 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