Donation Request

Update (3/1/2021): We are no longer taking requests at this time. Our focus will be in completing the outstanding requests for PPE donations to our healthcare workers. Thank you for your support.

Donation Request matches donors with U.S. healthcare facilities in need of PPE. Please note that due to supply constraints, we are not accepting requests from schools or international facilities at this time.

Many of our donations are handmade locally by individuals sewing or 3D printing to keep our front line workers safe during COVID-19. Our team is 100% volunteer led. 


By completing the request form below you are authorizing your organization information to be placed in a public directory to receive donated PPE and handmade items.

02/20/21 Update: We are only taking donation requests for handmade items at this time. Please only complete the form if that fits your needs.

Handmade Items Request

Manufactured Items Request


Please list the address of the facility requesting for donations. We are not accepting residential addresses.


We will contact you if we need additional information. This will not be made public.