Add Your Donations to the Tally!

Celebrating 1.3M donations! (3/27/21)

Thank you to our amazing community of donors. This would not have been possible without the generosity of thousands of individuals across the nation, many of whom are sewists and 3D makers, keeping our healthcare workers safe during this pandemic. Our GetPPE platform will continue serving our community as long as there is a need.

Notice of non-affiliation: We are not affiliated, associated, or in any way officially connected to the organization Crafting Change.

Want us to count the items you've donated? Complete this form every time you donate masks or other gear. Only submit the number of additional items you have donated since your last submission.

Example: You donated 25 masks to a family member and submitted this form. A few days later, you donated another 10 masks to a nursing home. You should submit a new form for the 10 new masks.

Why are we counting? It helps us see the impact of all our hard work and updates the total delivered to each facility so we better match volunteers to places still in need.

Did you know we have a printable donation insert that helps your donation facility receive and direct donations quickly?

Check out our CARE SLIP page for printable inserts!